The Most CRITICAL Step to Preparedness

“What is the most important thing I can do to be prepared?”  is the most common question I am asked by friends, family, and clients.  I have one simple answer every time.  Get healthy and fit on the inside and out!  It is truly about maintaining mind body balance.

Daniel Wolpert’s presents “The Real Reason for Brains” in a TED talk last year and has resulted in my clear understanding of why my recent recovery from an accident was so fluid and why my favorite  TACFIT works.

Two years ago,  I was hit by a car and thrown to the ground while walking through a parking lot.  I won’t go into the details of the accident, although it resulted in injuries to my wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, and left a large bump on the back of my head.  I’ve bounced back from all of my injuries, with the exception of my elbow and that is a work in progress.

I attribute my recovery to three factors.  First  of all, I have an incredibly supportive family who helped me along the way.  Second, I had just returned from a 30 mile backpacking trip in Yosemite National Park the week before the accident.  I was in stellar physical shape setting me up for the best case scenario for a speedy recovery.  And finally, I firmly believe the I owe my recovery to the TACFIT program from RMax International.

My husband first introduced me to TACFIT three years ago.  To be honest, I was a little intimidated at first with the program since I am not very coordinated and the movements were challenging to master.  With a little determination, I got them down and was hooked.  The accident forced me to put all of my physical activities on the back burner temporarily.  It was TACFIT that helped me get back up to speed.  It wasn’t until I was at the neurologist for a checkup this week that I understood why it worked so well.  When I returned home, I found a TED talk on the new TACFIT Survival Site that I wanted to share.   TACFIT focuses on mastering “adaptable and complex movements” to achieve optimal fitness.

No matter the manner of exercise you choose, do it on a regular basis.  It’s simply not enough to have food and water set aside.  You must prepare your body and mind to be pushed to extreme limits in order to survive and thrive in an emergency situation.

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