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“A Community Action Plan” from SurvivalBlog

One of the weekend posts on SurvivalBlog was read is a from the perspective of  a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) member/leader and a Search & Rescue Volunteer in our local community.   “A Community Action Plan” by ShepardFarmerGeek simplifies an often challenging topic.   It would also make a great working template for groups to get organized  in an emergency situation.  It could be adapted to any size community.  His strategies will definitely be added to  improve our neighborhood plan.

It’s a great idea to bring a copy of this plan to a Neighborhood Watch if only to bring up the topic of preparedness and evaluate the resourcefulness of your neighbors.   If you don’t have a Neighborhood Watch, check with your local police department for information on how to get one started.  CERT is also a great way to help others in your community get prepared.


Life After an EMP – Lights Out by David Crawford

A few years ago, I stayed up all night to read an electronic version of David Crawford’s “Light’s Out” on my iPhone.   It painted an interesting picture of what life would be like in a post-EMP Texas suburban community.   Many times,  I would think back to the lessons his characters learned along the way and anxiously anticipated his book release so I could share it with friends. This is not only a “must read”, it is a “must buy” for any preparedness library.

Top 50 Survival and Preparedness Blogs

I’m so excited to see several of my favorite Blogs, including SHTFplan moving up in the rankings of the Top 50 Survival & Prep Blogs.  Mac writes a get-to-point blog that I really enjoy.  He gives a great explanation of how the Top 50 sites are calculated:

Top 50 Survival and Preparedness Blogs

I was excited to see Survival Mom moving up, as well.

The Five S’s of Any Emergency Kit (

One of my favorite blogs is She always seems to hit the nail on the head with simple, yet critical ideas. And I LOVE acronyms!! Enjoy!


Urban Survival for Beginners

Last fall, we purchased what we believe is one of the best step-by-step training programs for urban survival and emergency preparedness.  David Morse’s 12-week Survive In Place Course provides families with a guide to “survive in place” that is not overwhelming.  For our family, it has helped us fill in gaps that we were missing in our plan.  Over 94% of the students complete the 12-week course.  For $47 it is quite a bargain.  He provides a money-back guarantee.  We recently went through out notes from the course again to ensure that we completed all of the items on our “to do” list.