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Public Alerts by Google

Earlier this year, Google’s announced a new Public Alert layer of functionality to Google Maps developed by the company’s Crisis Response Team.   I bet those folks love their job!  The application integrates information from various agencies to provide severe weather, earthquake, and flood warning for the area in which you are searching.  When I checked it out earlier today, it showed warnings of high wind in the northwest, a winter storm warning in Central California and it also provided information on the 6.3 earthquake that occurred in Japan several hours before.

Google has not impressed me with some of their recent policy changes, yet I want to give them kudos for this one.  This is one more way to help authorities get the critical information out to people in an efficient manner when every minute counts.

What do you think of Google’s efforts?  Will you use it?

20 Emergency Preparedness Apps for Android

In December, we traded in our iPhones for HTC Evo Design 4S smart phones.  It has taken us a while to make the complete transition.  I am still missing a couple of my favorite iPhone apps, yet I have learned to live without them.  Most apps are available on both platforms for an easier transition.  The following are 20 apps we have found to be very helpful to have on our new phones.  Most have Apple versions, as well.  If you have a favorite app that we have missed, please share!

SAS Survival Guide( $5.99..LITE Version available for Free)

Flashlight App (Free)

Emergency Radio (Free)

Pocket First Aid (.99)

iSOS ( $2.49)

ICE Tracker (Free)

Clinical & Drug Information (Free)

Pillbox (Free)

US Army Survival Guide (Free)

Ballistics Calculator (Free)

Pet First Aid ($1.99)

Advanced Weather (Free)

Weather Alert (Free)

Backcountry Navigator ($9.99)

Hurricane Tracking (Free..Pro Version $2.99)

Earthquake Alert (Free)

Quake Watch (Free)

Survival Podcast

Out of Milk (Free)  Food Storage Management

Emergency Response Guide