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Water Lessons from Doomsday Preppers by David Morse

David Morse, author of The Urban Survival Guide (13 week online training course) hit the nail on the head today with his approach to the National Geographic show “Doomsday Preppers”.  Check out his tips to improve on the methods presented in the show:  Water Lessons from Doomsday Preppers

Living in an area surrounded by ocean and dessert, water is a top concern and priority in our preparedness plan.  We especially liked his recommendation for a water desalination system.  Check out what David has to say here.

One More Slanted View Of Preparedness

CNN is the latest media outlet to portray the “prepper” community as a bunch of paranoid eccentrics.  What disturbed me more than the slant of the article itself was the number of negative comments made in response to it.     And although someone out there may be in the market for a condo in the Vivos silo system, the vast majority of the “prepper” community is not.  Mr. Ellis redeems himself somewhat when he in concludes with Phil Burns  (American Prepper Network) insight on a “preppers” mindset and a reasonable method to prepare.

The cost of preparing for doomsday – Mar. 13, 2012. by Blake Ellis

On one hand I get frustrated with the media’s sensationalizing the efforts people are making to get prepared.  On the other hand, it is opening up a crucial dialog that may not happened otherwise.  My current mindset is that all this attention may motivate a portion of the audience to take some personal responsibility and do something to get prepared.  I can live with that…and I’m not crazy!