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The Ultimate Incovenience

How many feminine hygiene products are used in your house each month?  If you are a woman, you probably can come up with an estimate.  If you are a man, do you want to underestimate the number of feminine hygiene products the woman in your family will need?  Female menstrual cycles are inconvenient at any time, yet in the case of a emergency situation, they can be the “ultimate” inconvenience if you are not well supplied.

For several months, I have been researching options for our home kit and bug out bags.  I familiarized myself with The Diva Cup at REI last year before a backpacking trip, although I did not buy one.

The Patriot Nurse is one of my favorite video channels to gather medical preparedness information.  She makes complicated topics simple, yet covers topics thoroughly and she covered a variety of options.

YouTube – ThePatriotNurse’s Channel

In addition, I found patterns from The Hillbilly Housewife to make our own.  We decided that having three months supply of pads and tampons, plus a bag of homemade pads would be the most cost effective way for us to prepare.  However, GladRags.com products looks very nice and could be a cost effective solution for someone who is not interested in making their own.

Keep in mind, having feminine hygiene supplies is never a bad idea.  They can be used in a variety of first aid situations, as well.   They are an inexpensive alternative to bandages.